My Story

Believe it or not, I was once in your shoes or may I say hundreds of times.  I think I've owned over 300 diet books in my lifetime and was never successful with permanent weight loss.  I was a competitive athlete all the way through college, got good grades and still couldn't manage to maintain my ideal weight in a healthful manner, unless I was starving myself or over-exercising (pic on the left).  It was SO frustrating! Why couldn't I follow those diets I saw on the internet and stick to them? Why did I always self-sabotage? Why would I binge on sweet foods uncontrollably from time to time? What was wrong with me?  Maybe if I tried a different diet, THIS time it would be different.  And then it really didn't... and I became more disappointed and lost even more self-confidence.  One of my last efforts to lose weight was trying to eat "intuitively" and reading those Geneen Roth books, which are great and made sense.  It sounded so logical and it felt good to my core.  Eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full, enjoying your food like the French... I thought I could do it, but since I was an emotional eater and had all these other bad habits like eating fast, eating in front of the TV, I ended up gaining 30+ pounds as you see in that picture.  All I wanted to eat was tubs of dulce de leche because of all my past deprivation.  This is where I want to help YOU!  I want to teach you how to eat intuitively and lose weight in the process because now I know what was missing.  

Sorry, I get a little sidetracked when I get excited about helping others, so to continue with my story, I switched careers from banking to Nutrition, which had always been my true passion, that I understood what my body needed.  I thought I had it all figured out with all the knowledge I had acquired in my Masters program in Clinical Nutrition at NYU.  But knowing what I needed to eat and losing my fear of carbs was only half the battle.  I needed to do inner work to explore why I was eating when I was not hungry, why I was self-sabotaging, why couldn't I stop when I was full, why was I craving specific foods in insatiable amounts? It was only when I did this tough inner work that I was able to lose the weight and maintain it.  

I know it seems too good to be true but this was the missing piece of the equation for me and it may be what is missing from yours as well.  If you know what you should eat, but can't stick to it long-term, then I can help you!  I switched careers because I believe all my hardships can help me understand what's holding you back from losing the weight for good.  I'll be able to walk two steps ahead of you because I've already been there.  This is why I am so passionate about my work.  I've tried everything so I know what works and what doesn't.  I want to help you learn how to eat intuitively and regardless of what others say, I believe you don't have to gain weight to learn how to eat intuitively with the tools I'll teach you.  


WHY EVNutrition?

You can reach your ideal weight and also enjoy food! 

I would go on vacation with my family and it would be so stressful because we had to pick out the restaurant depending on what diet I was on.  I never understood how miserable I made our vacations until now.  That is no way of living life.  There is a way to reach your ideal weight and still enjoy food and I'll teach you how.  

Mom (with me in the pic above) always ate butter, chocolate, bread (gasp! yes), desserts and was always skinny.  When she would go out to eat with her two girlfriends, they would always ask her, how do you stay so slim and eat "SUGAR" (that deadly word, haha).  She ate what she felt like eating and only ate when she was hungry and stopped when she was full.  If there was nothing she liked, she didn't eat, WHY? because food is available everywhere in the society we live in and she can eat something she really enjoys in a couple hours, not a big deal.  She thought like a thin person and she was always thin.  

Mom tried to teach me these principles, but like the rebellious teen I was, I refused.  I did all the 3451 diets available to mankind.  After years of dieting I finally listened to her advice.  She taught me how to enjoy food and never feel guilty, to eat what you really like and savor every bite!  I never listened to her until years later and I hate to say it but she's always right, ugh, haha.  Love you mom.  <3


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